ICT Consultancy

Companies across East and Central Africa face many challenges in trying to setup and maintain reliable and secure IT systems. These challenges include, but are not limited to skills development, maintenance, data management and ensuring compliance.

Our consultancy service works with businesses to address the challenges and issues they face. We provide a comprehensive service including the setting up of IT infrastructures, and the training and management of IT departments to ensure ongoing optimum function and best practice.

The value added benefit of a reliable and secure IT infrastructure is increased productivity and efficiency.

Case Study

Read how we helped one of our clients restore and upgrade their systems to increase their productivity.

The amount of IT tools available for companies to use to improve productivity has multiplied as the IT industry itself advances. This is all well and good, except that with the multitude of tools and options out there it can be hard to choose the right one. Furthermore finding the right people with the right skillset to setup and maintain these tools can itself add to the challenge

A client came to us with this exact problem. They were a company who dealt with the sale of agricultural equipment and products. They had previously contracted a foreign firm to develop and setup tools to help them track the order, sale and maintenance of their equipment

This firm additionally setup IT systems at the corporate offices with fast networking, file sharing and email systems. However when this foreign firm exited the Tanzanian market, the knowledge and expertise to maintain the IT and tool setup was also lost. This resulted in an unreliable and unusable system.

We restored and upgraded the IT system so that they functioned as they had been designed to do and increased their productivity. The tool set was also upgraded to better serve their expanding business needs. A long-term contract for Codes Consult to manage their IT department was put into place. This will ensure that they are fully equipped to maintain the systems and that these systems will remain reliable and secure.