POS Software

Manage your store and sales from a smartphone or tablet — increase your small business profit by making your sales easy and fast with our POS System, manage inventory, visualize sales analytics, acquire, retain, engage your customers and multiply their average spend.

Using Our POS has the following Benefits which include:

  • Make quick and easy sales, manage your loyalty program and inventory — all from your desktop,smartphone or tablet.
  • Build your customer base and stay in touch. Send messages and e-receipts to your customers and collect valuable feedback.
  • Refund the selected item or all items on the receipt.
  • Track cash movement to reduce mistakes and staff manipulation.
  • Apply discounts to the receipt or specific items.
  • Create, save and edit orders. Customers can pay when it's convenient.
  • Make sales with weak or unstable internet. All data will be automatically synced once connection is restored.
  • Manage multiple stores under one account. Track your sales, inventory, employees and customers — everything you need to know in one place.
  • Quickly add thousands of items using the CSV-spreadsheets.
  • Track the stock of products and their components.
  • Track each employee performance and take informed business decisions.
  • Smart management Information on the workload per hour allows for efficient managament of your staff.
  • Manage access to sensitive information and functions.
  • And many more features